The 7 Best Drinking Games for the Beach

As you’re spending time on the beach, parading through the waves, catching things that aren’t meant to be caught and drinking, you’ve probably though that you needed a few solid drinking games for the beach. Well we’re here to the rescue!

1. Giant Beer Pong
This game is very much so like actual beer pong, and the difference is self explanatory. However, this game is so much fun for the beach! All you’ll need is some trash cans or giant bins and a beach ball, do with that what you will.

2. Dizzy Bat
I wish baseball were more like this, because it’s just as much fun to watch as it is to play. The “bat” chugs a full beer out of the holding end of a Wiffle ball bat while everyone counts how many seconds it takes for the “bat” to finish chugging the full beer. However many seconds the “bat” took to finish the beer is how many seconds they’ll have to spin around while leaned over with their forehead on the end of the bat. Once their done spinning another participant will toss the empty beer can for the “bat” to hit, if they miss they will be given an additional three times to hit the can.
Now you can see why this game is so much fun to watch…

3. Giant Drunk Jenga
Just as fun and frustrating as real Jenga, except it’s even more hilarious when someone is pummeled by the pieces collapsing. A steady drinking game that’s not too difficult to remember or play and it’s a blast to play while on the beach.

4. Volleybeer
Remember the previously mentioned Giant Beer Pong? So Volleybeer is a similar concept, with an identical en78d4bbd6ffa2f9e360352c3f038e79d9d point, however it’s really fast paced and better for those who prefer games that are upbeat.

5. Slip Cup

Who in their right mind doesn’t love slip and slides? Seriously, they make everything better. Including the game flip cup! The only difference is you and your opponent will be sliding up to the table before you both challenge yourselves to chug the beer and flip it over.

6. Ladder Ball

Classic tailgating game, even better on the beach. But then again, what isn’t?

7. Corn Hole
Tossing a bean bag in a hole in a platform across from you, it sounds so boring but I promise it gets heated. Plus it’s perfect because you only use one hand to toss the bean bag, therefore the other hand can be holding a beer the whole time!