The Five Mountain Destinations We’d Become Ski Bums For

So, let’s just say you don’t really care for the beach, or maybe you’ve just been there every trip you could and it’s getting a little old. That being said, you’re looking to spend your spring break in a new climate.
Sometimes when you live in a place where there’s no such thing as a white Christmas and you can spend three of the four seasons in a bikini, you’re kinda looking to spend some time in the snow. Well who could blame you? There’s no feeling like waking up to a crisp cool morning, watching the sun rise over the mountains as the snow falls upon the ground and then you get to catch first chair for a day on the slopes.
No matter where you’re spending you’re snow days, we can agree that there are a lot of ski and snowboard resorts (kinda the reason we offer eleven different mountain destination trips) but we’re ready to tell you the top 5 places that we’re ready to give up a life of luxury to be ski bums for.4379189221_dceebaf842_o

Winter Park, Colorado: Winter Park offers 3,081 skiable acres and seven different terrain parks, including Super Pipe, Half Pipe, and Jib Park. Yes, yes, and yes please.

Park City, Utah: Park. City. Is. Sick. Park City, Utah is a complete blast that is guaranteed to be the party of a lifetime all while skiing 3,330 acres at a 3,100 vertical rise.

Telluride, Colorado: Telluride is so, so, so beautiful. You know what’s even better than skiing in a place that’s beautiful? Not waiting in lift lines to do it, that’s right, zero lift lines! I’m sure I don’t even need to mention it, but I will anyway, the boarding in Telluride is absolutely amazing.

Aspen, Colorado: Let’s talk posh. Aspen is creme de la creme in a lot of people’s eyes, it’s probably even the go to boarding spot for your rich neighbor. Well, it’s your turn now. How would you like to board at Buttermilk’s X Games Terrain Park? Or have lift tickets to four different mountains? Or just overall ski at Snowmass, the #1 all around resort in the USA?

Breckenridge, Colorado: Now, let’s talk partying. Breck is a blast no matter who you are, in fact it’s a certified party trip! Breckenridge has 2,908 skiable acres, 3,398 ft. vertical rise, plus you get lift passes to Breck, Keystone, Arapahoe Basin, and two of four days at Beaver Creek or Vail.

After mention¬†all about our favorite five skiing destinations, we’d like to mention we have plenty more go-to spots, but picking five sounded more rational than eleven. Sooo.. who’s ready? We’ll meet you on the mountain!