Inertia Tours is the beach spring break division of Free Livin’ Entertainment Inc. Free Livin’ includes Lifestylez & Echo Tours as our College Ski Trip divisions.

While the Free Livin’ Entertainment HQ is based in the laid back surfing community of San Clemente, CA, our Inertia division is located just off the Square in San Marcos, Texas home to Texas State University as well as seasonally on South Padre Island, TX direct.

Our Company is a family of our dedicated staff combined with our ethical standard that our student clients are also part of this family — you can be expected to be treated as such.

This page is here to put a face to a name of all the people involved with your travel package as we are Livin’ our travel dream and hope to create yours.

From our Family to yours, thank you for allowing us to earn your business!


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South Padre Island Chamber of Commerce We are proud Members of the Island’s Chamber of Commerce.

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We are proud Members of the Island’s Chamber of Commerce. In fact, our Company President Chad is on the Board of

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Spring Break Mafia is an Accredited Member Of the Better Business Bureau In Excellent Standing.

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American Society of
Travel Agents Proud member of the American Society of Travel Agents as A World Class Tour Operator.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) supports aviation with global standards for airline safety, security, efficiency and sustainability.


Why would you book a trip to Texas with someone not located in Texas? That wouldn’t make much sense! We know Texas spring break, because we’re Texans & we are based right on South Padre Island. Buy from the local guru. We’re based in Texas.
A huge problem with ‘online travel companies’ is someone has to pay for everyone else’s trip using ONE credit card. Then, you have to beg them to pay you back. With Inertia, we accept individual credit cards for individual payments meaning your friends can’t rip you off. Plus each person has the ability to “finance” their own trip using their own credit card financing terms.
Inertia Tours features student-friendly properties in value priced Categories that are typically walking distance to major nightclubs and activities regardless of destination choice.
Most “Do it Yourself” travel websites only allow you to book 6-8 people. What if you have 10? 20? 50? It’s impossible on their website, and if you try calling in – well, forget about it. Not so with Inertia. We can easily put together a single booking for your group that’s hassle free to organize.
Most complexes Inertia uses are exclusive to our Company, and we have every spring break unit they have. This guarantees you a party atmosphere with other students. You also only have to be 18 years old to rent from us, not 21 or even 25.
Choose from complete condo packages where you drive down to South Padre TX or Panama City FL, or skip the beach & hit the slopes in Breckenridge, CO – all with great stuff included in deal. Sure, Cancun is great & we have it, but how many people can you find that have $1000 for a party trip vs. the amount of people that have $500? We think it doubles your sales.
Inertia Tours includes restaurant meals at decent places, for most of its beach vacations- no fast food and always with a few good choices making budgeting easier for your travelers & friends.
You’ll meet & mingle with one of MTV’s reality celebrities at Inertia events. You better plan on taking your party skills to the next level. Parties with 5,000 people a night are normal.
Inertia Tours not only guarantees we’ll have the largest spring break tour parties, we back it up with our money back guarantee on that night’s ticket –– Inertia will have the biggest spring break tour company parties packed with spring breakers, on ANY night of spring break, or you will receive your money back on that nights event – take no chances!
With Inertia Tours, we only offer marquee, super clubs that we back up– you will absolutely witness literally thousands of students each night at our events depending on the week– it’s what we do best! Our Optional Red Carpet VIP Party Package is really one of the best reasons to book with us and makes your trip close to all inclusive at night with covers, VIP party entrance, and choice of side trips at most destinations. Orbitz & Expedia don’t have this – we do.
We’re family-owned & operated, which means we care about you and are available for your needs. It truly matters to us that you have the time of your life & spread the good word about Inertia. We aren’t some “big” Company where you will get jerked around with false promises.
Not that you’ll need us, but it’s a great peace of mind knowing that Inertia staff are at all student events until the last student leaves – giving you a familiar face when you come – and when you go. Keeping you safe without you noticing is our goal.






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