How to Leave All Your Troubles on the Shore This Spring Break

Have you ever just stopped and thought “Man, I really could use a vacation right now?” The stresses of daily life are undeniably grand when it comes to work, school, family, and all the other factors that play a role in day to day life. We become so used to handling those situations head on and so frequently that we forget how to “switch” from work mode to vacation mode then back again. But there’s no denying that a vacation in which you completely unplug and unwind is good for you! This study shows that if you even think about vacation as you’re leading up to it can make you happier, not to mention all the joy you have after you come back as well.

Our job is not just to give you an incredible vacation, but to make sure you actually vacation. So to support our efforts, here’s a compilation of things to help you embrace your vacation to the fullest extent.

  1. Ditch the phone

Seriously, ditch it. Yes it’s cool to be able to use your phone to document moments but what’s even cooler is actually enjoying them by being fully in the moment. That may sound hokey, but it’s proven time and time again that keeping your phone out of sight is the number one way to keep it out of mind as well. Although you may be keeping your phone at your side if you’re waiting for a call from a significant other, your family or just trying to keep updated on the hottest gossip with your friends, it’s entirely pointless to wait around your phone when you could do that when you’re not on vacation. Plus, who cares who kissed who when you could be surfing, partying or having an incredible time? Ditch the phone.Benches on Beach Tropical Vacations

2. Offer yourself the opportunity to actually chill out

If you’re overly stressed from work going into vacation, maybe don’t plan yourself a completely booked trip where your nervous system continues to stand on edge and doesn’t have a break. Go somewhere you can find peace of mind, even adrenaline junkies need a space to unwind, so give yourself that opportunity as well. Maybe it’s a beach, maybe it’s the mountains or maybe it’s off the grid entirely. Just go somewhere you can leave all of that junk on the shore to wash away.

3. Plans are good, but over planning is very, very bad.

When you’re in a new place there’s always going to be so many new things you want to try and do, of course cutting out time to do the things you really want to do is important. However, being stressed out because you have 15 minutes to get to your underwater basket weaving class once you leave your horse back yoga session. Don’t make your vacation a replica of your day to day life consisting of you hustling from one thing to the next.

4. Keep an open mind

You’re in new territory, there’s no way you can predict all of the different circumstances that can occur because there’s all kinds of new obstacles that will present themselves to you. You may have your schedule from home down pat, but when you’re on vacation (especially in new places) you should offer yourself some flexibility. Whether that be hanging out on the beach a little longer than expected, whether you have to get margaritas instead of mimosas or if you were 15 minutes late to dinner reservations because a heard of camels blocked the road, don’t let any of these new found obstacles throw your day or entire vacation in to chaos.

5. Don’t forget this is your vacation too

Although you may be taking this vacation with friends, family or a significant other, try to remember your needs as well. Abiding completely by someone else’s schedule will result in you having resentment because you didn’t take the time to do the things that you wanted to do. It’s okay to make sacrifices for other people, and it’s wonderful to be selfless, just don’t let it cause you to have regrets about your vacation.

6. Be there. And I mean, really be there.

That’s right, kick back and relax. Refer to #1, let your space be completely electronic free, and just really take it all in. You can check your social media, call whoever, or play mindless games another time. But as for while you’re on vacation just completely be present wherever you are so you can embrace the full experience of your vacation.

7. The fear of missing out is pointless

You’re not missing out on anything. If you’re worried that you’re not where you’re supposed to be at that moment, then you’re wrong because you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be at all times. The world won’t fall off of it’s axis because you’re doing one thing rather than another. Plus, if you think about it, there’s crazy cool stuff happening everywhere all the time  and the only reason you’re not upset about it is because you don’t know about it. Embrace all the greatness happening around you at that moment exactly where you are, don’t worry about all of the other stuff.

By: Cayley Brandon