Meet Your Team!: Patrick “Party Pat” Cantu

Meet Your Team!: Patrick “Party Pat” Cantu


Patrick “Party Pat” Cantu


Regional Sales Manager

How long you’ve been with company?  

3 years seasonal, 1 full time

What college did you go to? 

Texas A&M University

Did you travel with Inertia Tours in college? If yes,
where to?

No, but I did buy the VIP party pass


What is your favorite destination that Inertia Tours offers and why?

South Padre Island, I’ve been down there 7 years and it never disappoints. Craziest, funnest time of the year. I keep getting older, they stay the same age.

What do you love about working for Inertia Tours?

The ability to travel all over the U.S. and make new friendships and connections. Our boss is kind of cool, I guess.

Okay Now Let’s Get Personal…

What could you teach me to do in under 5 minutes?

Properly shoot a shot of tequila.

If you could have any one superpower, which would you choose?

Fly. Environmental friendly and cool as hell.

What’s the strangest talent you have?

Being able to replace rap lyrics with proper grammar/less explicit words, that flow and make sense.

If you could play on any sports team, you would pick…?

Tune Squad

Fun fact about you?

Had a spring break wedding my first year working on staff for Inertia, my roommate got ordained to hold the ceremony.

If you could eat one food for the rest of your life it would be..?

Chinese/Vietnamese food