MEET YOUR TEAM: Shea ‘Danger’ Dionisio

Meet Your Team!


Everyone, meet Shea. Shea, Meet everyone.


Name: Shea Danger Dionisio

Position: Southern Regional/Roadshow Manager

How long you’ve been with company? Year and a half

What college did you go to? Texas Tech University

Inertia Tours OG

Did you travel with Inertia Tours in college? If yes, where to?

South Padre Islandinertia-spring-break-shea

What is your favorite destination that Inertia Tours offers and why?


For the money, you can’t beat South Padre Island. I call it the Baller on a Budget trip, because it won’t Break the Bank but you can still have one unforgettable spring break!

What do you love about working for Inertia Tours? 

I get to work with college students everyday, which helps me stay young, so that’s pretty lit fam. It’s also pretty sweet to have a working vacation throughout the whole month of March, except the cumulative hangover that arrives in April is pretty debilitating

Now Let’s Get Personal, “Shea…”:

“What could you teach me to do in under 5 minutes?” 

I could teach you how to get off… of your moral high horse, and do something nice for a stranger once a day. You would be surprised how much you end up doing for yourself when you help others. I’m a firm believer that in order to get what you want from life, you just need to help enough other people get what they want. Teamwork makes the Dreamwork!
aww aw lauren conrad awww awwww

“If you could have any one superpower, which would you choose?”

Mind control would probably make my job a lot easier, but super speed would be my preferred superpower! That way I could party with all of my friends across the country all in the same night!

“What’s the strangest talent you have?”

The strangest talent I have probably shouldn’t be disclosed to the public, but some of my notable talents include juggling, drum solos, num chucking, roundhouse kicks, and general wild card behavior. 

ron swanson megan mullally nick offerman talent late night with seth meyers

“If you could play on any sports team, you would pick…?”

I would join Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus! Regular sports bore me, extreme action sports are way more interesting in my opinion.

danger austin powers mike myers live dangerously
Fifty Grades of Shea
“Fun fact about you?”

I’m an ordained minister and I have married a couple dressed like Elvis.

“Tacos or tacos?”

Bacon Burger Breakfast Donut > anything with Bacon > Breakfast Tacos. Trump is our New President, I don’t have to be PC anymore, Tacos are overrated and so are Beats by Dre, Netflix and all Mac products, yeah I went to there. Give me Bacon, JBL speakers, Hulu and Android phone with Windows computer for a fraction of the cost, and I will be twice as happy! Stop being sheeple and make your own decisions in life, moral of the story… tacos are overrated, and bacon makes everything better.

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