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The Science of Spring Break and Vacations

Shades-on-Sand-Vacations-Mode Did you know that there is science behind taking a vacation!? I’m talking about real live research that embraces the fact that vacations are good for you and we wouldn’t be the same without them! As a science and research junkie I love anything that supports an idea with actual facts. Research has proved an idea that we already knew was pretty much true, we NEED a vacation. Vacations come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure you plan the one that is best for you.


So don’t take those vacation days that you receive for granted. Experts urge students and workers to use your off days to the fullest by traveling to a new place, lie on a beach and soak up the rays. It’s your chance to do absolutely nothing and not feel a tinge of guilt. By resting and turning off your brain to just relax you are opening up your mind to be more creative and productive. This will benefit your life back home and improve your work, or school endeavors. Spring break is around the perfect amount of time to get the optimum level of relaxation out of a vacation. You need shorter, more frequent vacations, so take the time to anticipate the vacation and get involved in the prime decision-making process of the break in order to enjoy your break to the utmost level.


When you travel to a new place it allows you to take a step back and to gain a new perspective. In college, don’t only take full advantage of spring breaks but also Benches on Beach Tropical Vacationsthe endless study abroad and volunteer opportunities the university offers. College is a time to learn, grow, and expand your experiences – to challenge yourself and also to learn who you are. Take care of yourself and make sure to get the proper vacation time needed to keep you healthy and happy. People need time and space away from what they experience every day in order to recognize self- destructive tendencies or unhealthy habits. Having them shorter and more often allows you to wake up and shake all of your senses. This is important as well because it is far too easy to fall into your day to day grind and forget about the much-needed vacation that you deserve.


Make sure to leave yourself enough time to anticipate your break before you leave. By anticipating your break from school and work, you get to imagine all of the possibilities and this gives you greater emotional rewards when remembering a trip after you return. It also helps you get into the relaxation mode a lot easier, because when we first go on break we are still busy thinking about school and other related stress. In order to get the most bang for your buck, to rejuvenate and heal your mind- thinking about your vacation prior to deWoman-Relaxing-on-Beach-Vacations parture helps you to get into a relaxed state of mind. Last but not least, make sure you are involved with the decision-making process of your break… we already get told enough what to do for school and work- you will feel a lot more relaxed knowing you are doing exactly what you wanted to for your break.


Remember when you are on spring break to get outside by the ocean and spend time under the sun. Don’t knit pick and stress yourself out with the small stuff, if your clothes are wrinkled or your outfit doesn’t match … don’t sweat it! Enjoy yourself, you are on break. If you can’t fix something that very second there is no reason to stress about it. You already do enough of that in normal life, so leave your worries at home and let your mind rejuvenate. Head out to the beach, soak up the sun and relax. Take your vacations to relieve the stress from college and work. You deserve it!