Why We Wabo in Cabo


No matter what brings you to Cabo San Lucas, whether it’s a weeklong binger, a weekend for soul searching or just



an all-out rampage with your friends, Cabo is the spot for it all! Considering Cabo is such a versatile spot, there’s a LOT to do. In between scheduling your snorkeling session at Cabo Plumo, eating copious amounts of seafood and people watching on Lover’s beach, there’s a lot that you might be missing out on. So we’ve compiled a list of everything we’d do if we were in Cabo right about now and everything you should do too, enjoy!

1. First stop, El Arco de Cabo San Lucas. This is easily Cabo’s most famous destination, and easily so considering it’s not only beautiful but extraordinary. Plus, every four years the tide changes so that you can walk beneath the arch, so plan your trip accordingly!

2. Make a day trip to Cabo Plumo to explore incredible coral reefs , scope out the unique marine life, and hike Las Sirenita!

3. Eat way, waaaay too much seafood at the Giggling Marlin

4. Just as fun to say as it is to play, you have to check out Cabo Wabo Cantina. It’s inspirational, passionate and oh so lively.

5. WHALES. In between the months of October and late March you can witness the gray whale migration, how incredible — am I right?!

6. You haven’t Cabo’d until you’ve gone to Squid Roe. It’s just as much fun as it is florescent with its three stories, open top roof and great drink prices, it’s a must on your Cabo to-do list!

7. Get an adrenaline rush with Cabo Adventure’s by going on Mexico’s longest, highest and fastest zip line! If you can make time to stop panicking in the middle of the air and appreciate the scenery, it’s really like nothing you’ve ever seen!

8. More fun brought to you by Cabo Adventure’s, try an outback and camel safari. A one of a kind eco-adventure that takes you through the (Baja) Outback and yes, includes a camel back ride on a private beach.

9. Admit it, you’ve always wanted to be able to fly. Well here’s your chance! Flyboard at Santa Maria Bay, it’s probably the most fun you’ll have whilst not on the back of a camel in Cabo.

10. And of course, argue with your significant other as you stroll along Divorce Beach. Then make up by taking a swim when you cross strip of sand to the conveniently connected Lover’s Beach.


Although this isn’t in Cabo San Lucas, the crowd speaks for itself, people have a ton of fun traveling with us!




Written By: Cayley Brandon