Spring Break 2025

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Friendly, helpful advice Call 800-821-2176 / Text 956-299-3746

Spring Break 2025

Friendly, helpful advice – Call 800-821-2176 / Text 956-299-3746



What is the best college spring break destination? Spring Break Cabo is #1. With its far south Baja California location, great weather is assured for Greeks. Party the day away at our infamous day parties with World Class DJs at Mango Beach Club to hitting one of the clubs like Cabo Wabo, Squid Roe, or Mandala at night. Offering both the perfect location Corazon Cabo or the all inclusive spring break hotel RIU Santa Fe. Cabo is a perfect Senior Trip choice. Group deals available.



Trips prices $899-$1299 per person all inclusive (flights not included)


What is Cabo Spring Break like?  Visit great clubs like https://www.mangodeckcabo.com/

Cabo Spring Break Hotels

spring break hotels cabo
Medano beach spring break
cabo spring break hotels

Corazon Cabo * * * *

Book the Corazon for one simple reason – location! This beachfront resort is the ONLY hotel in Cabo for Spring Break that accepts students that you can walk to many night clubs located on Medano Beach. While not all inclusive, this hotel has numerous bars including a rooftop lounge with DJs & micro brewery. Many restaurants with reasonable prices are walkable. Rooms feature double beds OR we have a few 10 person suites for groups. Nice pool, great hotel

Cabo Spring Break hotels
RIU cabo spring break

RIU Santa Fe * * *

This is THE massive all inclusive spring break hotel in Cabo with daytime DJ set up most weeks, standard double bed rooms, and a name you can trust with RIU. All buffet meals & drinks included at hotel from 7 am to 11 pm. While the location requires somewhat expensive taxis to clubs at night, having the convenience of all inclusive for budget conscious college students.



Choose from beachfront true all inclusive spring break hotels to budget, yet brand name hotels


Time to right reflect non stop flights. Most departure cities have a connection which increase travel time to Cabo

Best Spring Break Hotels Cabo San Lucas. Cabo as a destination for college spring break students offers a vibrant nightlife, beautiful beaches, and plenty of activities. While there are several excellent hotels to choose from, here are a few of the best options for students looking to make the most of their spring break experience:
Corazon Beach Hotel is a new addition forcollege spring break hotels located right on Medano Beach. While this is not an all inclusive hotel with all meals and drinks included, the property has an unbeatable location that is walkable to many clubs. In addition, guests of this hotel have access to their beach club, private brewery onsite, and rooftop 360 Bar with no cover charge.

Why Stay Here?

Location. Plus, our college student guests get a $40 per person resort credit daily valid against food and beverages. Think a meal and a few drinks free every day. If you don’t use it one day, well..the next day you have $80 to use, etc…We do have limited 10 to 12 person luxury suites you will NOT find on spring break for students.


Not all inclusive so it makes budgeting a bit more challenging for students. The fact is, after doing open bars at clubs all night or bottle service, drinking all day may not be that appealing so you end up wasting money on all inclusive every day unless you never leave the resort. However, if you are never going to leave the resort, Cabo for Spring Break probably isn’t a great choice. Sells out fast too.

2. RIU Santa Fe All Inclusive

RIU Santa Fe is a popular choice for students as a 4 star beachfront all inclusive

Why Stay Here?

Wel…with all your meals and drinks included right at the hotel budgeting is easy and carefree. Certain weeks, days and times they do have a DJ at the pool but it’s spotty. Lots of other students.


All inclusive food gets boring REALLY fast and it isn’t super high end quality here. Additionally this location 100% requires expensive taxis or cabs each night which not only drain your wallet, but can be iffy on safety.

3. Mango Deck Beachfront Hotel

The Mango Deck Beachfront Hotel is known for its lively atmosphere and prime beachfront location along Médano Beach. The hotel features a range of accommodations with private suites with ocean views. The real highlight is the on-site Mango Deck Restaurant and Beach Club, famous for its daily parties, contests, and live music often considered #1 for daytime partiers. The hotel’s pool area is also a hub of activity, with a swim-up bar and plenty of opportunities to socialize.

Why Stay Here?

As a student, staying at the Mango Deck Beachfront Hotel puts you right in the heart of the action. You’ll have easy access to beach parties, water sports, and the vibrant nightlife of Cabo San Lucas. The lively atmosphere make it a popular choice for young travelers looking to have a blast during spring break.


Price and availability. Can be very expensive and not a lot open

4. ME Cabo

ME Cabo is a stylish and upscale beachfront hotel that offers a more refined atmosphere compared to some of the wilder spring break options. The hotel features contemporary design, luxurious rooms with ocean views, and a stunning infinity pool overlooking the beach. The poolside Beach Club offers a chic place to relax, and there are several bars and restaurants on-site.

Why Stay Here?

While it may be pricier than other options, ME Cabo is can be a great choice for students who want a more upscale and relaxing spring break experience. It’s close enough to the nightlife of Cabo San Lucas, but it also provides a tranquil oasis to unwind after a day of exploring and partying


Price. After you add in your airfare, transfers, and a party package it pushes it way out of budget for most students ME Cabo is not an all inclusive resort. This hotel offers a European Plan (accommodations only).  This means you will pay per drink and meal and it is not super walkable to other places to solve that. Budget at least $150 per day for that on top  of the hotel price.

5. Riu Palace Baja California

The Riu Palace Baja California is an all-inclusive resort located in the exclusive area of Los Cabos. This modern, adults-only resort offers spacious rooms, multiple pools, a beautiful beachfront setting, and a wide range of dining options. It’s known for its excellent service and luxurious amenities.

Why Stay Here?

While this is not a wild spring break choice, it’s perfect for students over 21 who want to enjoy the comforts of an all-inclusive resort while still being close to Cabo’s attractions or college couples on spring break that still want to go but avoid massive debaucery. The ability to have all your meals, drinks, and entertainment included in the price can be a cost-effective option for students.


Must be 21+ to book all guests, double occupancy only and they simply will not put up with you being rowdy.

6. Hostel Casa Grande

For budget-conscious students, Hostel Casa Grande offers affordable dormitory-style accommodation in a fun and social environment. It’s located near the marina and offers easy access to Cabo’s nightlife and attractions. The hostel has a communal kitchen, a rooftop terrace with views, and a bar for socializing.

Why Stay Here?

Hostel Casa Grande is ideal for students on a tight budget who want to meet fellow travelers and enjoy the social atmosphere of a hostel. It provides a great base for exploring Cabo San Lucas while keeping costs low.


It just isn’t really a spring break vibe. It’s a hostel and you know what that means.

Remember that the best hotel for your spring break in Cabo San Lucas will depend on your preferences, budget, and the type of experience you’re looking for. Whether you seek non-stop parties, a luxurious getaway, or a budget-friendly option, Cabo has something for every college student. Be sure to book well in advance, as spring break is a popular time to visit, and accommodations tend to fill up quickly. Call us 800 821 2176 if you need help selecting your best spring break hotel

Best Spring Break Clubs in Cabo San Lucas

Keeping in mind that nightlife offerings can and do change, so we recommend checking in with us for most up-to-date information before your visit.

1. Mandala Nightclub:

    • Description: Mandala is one of Cabo’s most iconic nightclubs, known for its vibrant atmosphere and top-notch DJs spinning a mix of EDM, hip-hop, and Latin beats. The club features a spacious dance floor, stylish decor, and a lively crowd.
    • Best Known For: High-energy dance parties and themed nights.
    • Cover Charge: Typically ranges from $40 to $70 USD.
    • Drink Prices: Cocktails start at around $15 USD and there is an option for bottle table service as well as open bars

2. El Squid Roe:

    • Description: El Squid Roe is a multi-level, open-air nightclub famous for its lively party scene. It offers a mix of music genres, from rock and pop to Latin tunes, and has a reputation for its interactive staff and lively dance competitions.
    • Best Known For: Fun and interactive atmosphere.
    • Cover Charge: Varies but is generally around $40 to $70 USD.
    • Drink Prices: Standard cocktails start at around $12 USD.

3. Cabo Wabo Cantina:

    • Description: Founded by rock legend Sammy Hagar, Cabo Wabo is a rock ‘n’ roll-themed cantina with live music and a fantastic tequila selection. It’s a great place for both dancing and enjoying live performances.
    • Best Known For: Live rock music and tequila.
    • Cover Charge: Sometimes free, but can range from $20 to $50 USD
    • Drink Prices: Tequila shots range from $10 to $50 USD with mixed drink prices varying

4. Pink Kitty Nightclub:

    • Description: Pink Kitty is one of the most glamorous nightclub known for its upscale atmosphere, VIP areas, and top DJs. It caters to a more sophisticated crowd and often hosts international DJ talent.
    • Best Known For: Upscale, VIP experience.
    • Cover Charge: Around $50 to $100 USD.
    • Drink Prices: Cocktails start at approximately $14 USD.

5. Squid Row Sports Bar & Grill:

    • Description: Squid Row is a sports bar and nightclub combo offering a fun and casual atmosphere. It’s famous for its karaoke nights, dancing, and large screens for sports enthusiasts – not to be confused with the Squid Row club
    • Best Known For: Karaoke and sports viewing
    • Cover Charge: Varies, but it’s often free.
    • Drink Prices: Affordable, with beers starting at $5 USD.

6. The Giggling Marlin:

    • Description: The Giggling Marlin is a long-standing Cabo institution with a rustic and fun ambiance. It’s known for its quirky contests, like the upside-down “Marlin flip,” where guests hang upside down to drink a shot.
    • Best Known For: Unique contests and a relaxed atmosphere.
    • Cover Charge: Typically free though in March can exist.
    • Drink Prices: Reasonably priced, with shots around $10 USD.

7. La Vaquita Los Cabos:

    • Description: La Vaquita is a nightclub with a playful cow-themed decor. It’s famous for its lively party vibe, neon lights, and great music, making it a hit with younger crowds part of grupo Mandala
    • Best Known For: Party atmosphere and neon decor.
    • Cover Charge: Usually around $40 to $90 USD.
    • Drink Prices: Drinks start at approximately $10 USD though there is an open bar bracelet as well as table VIP Bottle Service options.

Please note that cover charges and drink prices vary WILDLY in March depending on the night and any special events or promotions. Additionally, Cabo’s nightlife scene can evolve and change. If you want a “no brainer” add one of our VIP Party Packages for included cover charge and open bars along with a booze cruise. Call us 800 821 2176 if you need more information for your group. Please note: We do NOT sell our VIP Party Packages if you do not have accommodations booked thru Inertia Tours.com or Spring Break Cabo.com

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