Spring Break 2025

Friendly, helpful advice – Call 800-821-2176 / Text 956-299-3746
Friendly, helpful advice Call 800-821-2176 / Text 956-299-3746

Spring Break 2025

Friendly, helpful advice – Call 800-821-2176 / Text 956-299-3746

Spring Break Fort Lauderdale Florida is the #1 Greek Choice for 2025 LAUDY DAUDY !!!

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FROM   $499-$749 FOR 4 OR 5 NIGHTS

Why Inertia Tours for Laudy?

Why Fort Lauderdale Spring Break?

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Fort Lauderdale Spring Break Hotels

Inertia uses two great beachfront hotels walkable to such locations as Rock Bar, The Drunken Taco, & Elbo Room – the hottest spots in Laudy.

Bahia Mar Fort Lauderdale has assured quality as part of the Marriott Double Tree chain with an elevated walkway to the beach while B Ocean hotel is direct beachfront with a massive beach in front.

All hotel rooms feature 2 double beds and standard bathroom uniess you request a king bed for 2 people and we go 4 per room for standard pricing.

Both properties are student-friendly with close by mini markets & restaurants and bar.


Bahia Mar – DoubleTree by Marriott ***

As a college student on spring break,  the Bahia Mar Fort Lauderdale is the ultimate choice for an unforgettable experience located right on the beach. Daily DJ & pool parties on the elevated deck with views of the marina, an elevated walkway to the beach, and tons of other Greeks.

Just a few blocks walking distance to Rock Club, Elbo Room, & the Drunken Taco. Short Uber to Backyard on our Party Package. This hotel has 2 double beds per room, lobby bar, & restaurant. As a DoubleTree branded hotel, you can expect good accommodations friendly to students

Why Bahia Mar as your Spring Break Hotel?

B-Ocean Beachfront Hotel **

B Ocean Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a top choice for college spring breakers seeking a beachfront hotel walking distance to popular bars & restaurants. Large lobby bar, cool retro nautical style 2nd bar, restaurant, and with rooms featuring breathtaking ocean views.

The highlight of B Ocean is the massive stripe of powder beach in front. B Ocean has a Miami vibe to it, with nice rooms a decent price.  Killer sunsets with fire pits await you & your friends to chill at night. Just down the street from Bahia Mar, & has a pool right on the beach.

Why B Ocean Hotel for Spring Break Lauderdale?

Concerts & Entertainers

Fort Lauderdale Beach Spring Break has an included headliner concert select dates. The graphics below show you some of the featured entertainers for Spring Break Fort Lauderdale 2025 included on our Red Carpet Party Package with the Maniac Party Card program.

Maniac Fort Lauderdale
Maniac Fort Lauderdale

Party Package Info

Inertia Tours has 20+ years experience hosting the largest college student parties for Spring Break. Our Fort Lauderdale Spring Break hotels have the Red Carpet Party Package with Fast Pass Maniac included at no extra change


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Gets you ALL of the Fast Pass Maniac PLUS:

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Fort Lauderdale Beach Pricing & Packages

Fort Lauderdale Beach Spring Break Packages Include

Inertia offers spring break hotels ready to go for college students specifically tailored for the Greek community.

Prices for Spring Break 2025 to Fort Lauderdale are available by calling 800.821.2175 OR emailing info@inertiatours.com  We need your week, number of people, and we can price it per person.

Just a $20 down per person deposit that comes off the price gets you started with EZ monthly payments and YES – each person CAN pay individually with Inertia.

Remember – Spring Break Airbnbs have nothing included, may not be spring break friendly and evict you with no refund for “noise complaints” which can be made up. Book with Inertia and avoid problems & grief.

Our trips include accommodations, 4 Subway sandwiches (hey it’s the basics and good with a great hangover),  our Red Carpet Party package with free covers & more.


Please remember, at time of check in a fully refundable damage deposit may be collected at the property front desk.

Have questions?

Please call 800.821.2176 or email info@inertiatours.com
We can assist with helping you find the best deals on airfare.


Just a $20 down payment deposit per person is required to make your reservation before we SELL OUT.  Then we provide equal monthly payments that auto charge on your credit card on file. Each person can individually pay on our site using their own credit card with final payments due February 1st

If you book within (31) days of arrival, full payment will be due when you book – inquire if questions 800 821 2176 or email info@inertiatours.com

spring break fort Lauderdale

All In Packages

Accommodations at either the Bahia Mar Courtyard by Marriott OR B Ocean beachfront hotels. Our onsite staff to assist you & the Maniac Fast Pass Party Card with nightly no cover charge parties & 4 Subway Sandwiches. Must be 18+ to book, 1 guest per room must be 21+ for check in

Organize your house or group
spring break fort Lauderdale

Unlocking the Ultimate Fort Lauderdale Spring Break with Inertia Tours: Your Definitive Guide

Are you gearing up to make this year’s spring break in Fort Lauderdale THE trip to go on? We fuse together the perfect blend of sunshine, day & night parties, beach activities, meeting Greeks nationwide with unforgettable moments?  You have come to the right place.

Crafting an exceptional spring break usually means annoying planning like finding a property not on Airbnb that allows you to be under 25 years old, figuring out your house budget & collecting info + money, where to go party if someone is 18+ bu not 21, as well as the best clubs and bars for students. and an insider’s grasp of the local scene.

That’s exactly what Inertia Tours does for our Spring Break program to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Prepare to embark on a week of sheer chaos!

Fort Lauderdale Spring Break

Fort Lauderdale’s Illustrious Spring Break legacy.

 Fort Lauderdale has a rich history as a Greek spring break haven. Now, I know the prospect of “history lessons” is a who gives a F, but trust us, the tale of how Fort Lauderdale ascended to the apex of spring break destinations is a fascinating journey.

For those seeking a condensed version, here it is. The saga begins with a modest swim team from Colgate University back in 1936. Given New York’s bone-chilling temperatures, the team sought warmer shores in Florida for their school vacation practice sessions.  Their group experience prompted a larger gathering the following year, and the word spread like wildfire about the warm weather just north of Miami & white sugar sand beaches.

Fast forward to 1958 when Professor Glendon Swarthout decided to investigate this sun-soaked spectacle firsthand. Instead of a typical thesis, he penned a novel titled “Where the Boys Are,” immortalizing the essence of Fort Lauderdale’s spring break. The novel’s cinematic adaptation in 1960 propelled the city into the spotlight, attracting hordes of college students to its shores.

This pattern continued through the decades, with various movies and MTV shows capturing the exuberant, uninhibited celebration in the sun, consistently luring a growing wave of spring breakers. By 1985, over 400,000 students converged on Fort Lauderdale’s beaches, marking a phase of unbridled revelry.

Yet, like that exuberant friend who learns to find balance, Fort Lauderdale Spring Break matured. It revisited its origins as a tropical escape for spring breakers, offering sun-soaked beaches, beach bars, party boats, and Caribbean-inspired nightlife, all within an easily accessible locale.

Navigating the Spot: Activities, Dining, and Nightlife

People want to tan at the beach. Party. Drink. Make out. Why not do it at a sun-drenched beach where this becomes the stage for your spring break memories. Fort Lauderdale boasts 23 miles of pristine shoreline where you can plant your umbrella, lay out your towel, hang in front of Elbo Room beachfront, and embrace the sun-soaked ambiance. The heart of the spring break action centers around the iconic Elbo Room beach bar, radiating out in both directions with music pumpin. Whether you’re into beach volleyball, frisbee, or just luxuriating under the sun while people-watching, the beach is where to be.

What about when hunger strikes? Inertia does include 4 Subways to knock off the hunger & hangover, with you just having to buy dinner at that point.

You can wander along the palm-lined promenade as everything is walking distance from our main hotel Bahia Mar, a DoubleTree reosrt to discover an array of beachfront spots. For a more elevated dining experience, take a walk down Las Olas Boulevard, where chic boutiques and eateries await to rejuvenate your spirits between drinking sessions. There are tons of dining options, including waterfront patios and spring break-friendly happy hours, ensuring you’re always fueled for fun.

As the sun dips below the horizon, Fort Lauderdale’s nightlife ignites. The city pulsates with energy, featuring stylish clubs and inviting bars. If you’re seeking iconic spring break venues, make your presence felt at:

  1. Elbo Room: A legendary bar since 1938, right on the beach, where music, drinks, and dancing blend seamlessly.
  2. America’s Backyard: This sprawling outdoor bar hosts the largest spring break party, complete with enticing drink specials. Home to our Red Carpet VIP Party Package. This is an indoor/outdoor massive party spot towards downtown
  3. Sway Nightclub: Infusing modern Caribbean vibes, this club offers a more open air club experience right on the main strip
Navigating Fort Lauderdale: Staying and Getting Around

Selecting spring break hotel choice can be overwhelming. Fort Lauderdale offers an array of choices, from budget-friendly hostels to upscale poolside havens. It’s worth noting that most hotels and Fort Lauderdale Airbnbs impose age restrictions (cannot stay if under 25). This is where Inertia comes in. With our party headquarters deal at the Bahia Mar with daily party DJs, you don’t have to step one foot off property. Just one person per room must be 21 years of age to rent.

Additionally, unlike Airbnbs in Fort Lauderdale, we can accommodate large groups with multiple rooms together. We have affordable payment plans and can take individual payments per person on our website so no one gets left holding the bag on someone saying they will “get you back” when you pay for a group trip. That’s no bueno.

Airbnb presents many options, from spacious waterfront estates for group revelry to charming beachside bungalows that exude coastal charm – with a hidden, dark secret. You check in, and you get “checked out” by an eviction. Even if they let you check in under 25, you’ll be doing massive damage deposits that never get refunded, or worse – forced to sign upon arrival a very prohibitive “eviction friendly” rental agreement that if you make one sound after 10 pm you get evicted without a a refund! The fact is, we all have at least ONE in our group that isn’t going to follow that. As you have just had a long flight and/or a drive down to Laudy, what can you do besides sign away and check in with a prayer?

Not with Inertia Tours. Our entire program is student friendly specifically tailored to Greek group travel with your needs in mind.

Navigating the “what next” in Lauderdale we make very easy with our included basic Red Carpet VIP Party Package. We do have a concert upgrade as well! You will know you are going to the right bars or clubs on the right nights.

Let’s consider transportation. Beyond traditional taxis, Uber, and Lyft, Fort Lauderdale offers an array of mobility options:

  1. The “sometimes” Free Ride: Text for electric car pick-up, a fantastic way to explore popular spots until 10 pm. Google for more info (these are hard to get on spring break)
  2. Bike Rentals: Spread across the city, bike rental hubs provide hourly or daily options for independent exploration.
  3. Sun Trolley: Affordable and fun, this trolley system seamlessly connects you to the city and beaches.
  4. Water Taxi: Embrace the city’s water-centric vibe by cruising along its picturesque canals, enjoying the scenic view.

Packing Essentials for an Epic Spring Break

Packing is a breeze when you focus on the essentials:

  1. Bathing suits: A no-brainer for your beach escapades.
  2. Sunglasses: Shield your eyes in style.
  3. Flip-flops: Essential for sandy strolls.
  4. Reef-friendly sunscreen: Protect your skin and the environment.
  5. Light, summery outfits: Stay cool and stylish throughout your adventure. Do consider a light jacket, warm up or long sleeve shirts and pants as after nightfall it can get sometimes cooler and/or rainy.

See You on the Beach for Spring Break 2025 – call us 800 821 2176 if you have questions. We are here to help you so that your first or 4th spring break to Fort Lauderdale is as all inclusive as possible – fun – and EASY.

With this guide, you’re primed to orchestrate the most remarkable Fort Lauderdale Spring Break ever. Now, it’s your time to shine and create unforgettable memories. So, go forth and revel in the vibrant energy of Fort Lauderdale’s spring break scene. Cheers to an incredible adventure! Call Inertia today & get your group started!

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Cancellation Coverage - if you elect to cancel your trip up to 31 days prior to arrival, you will be giving a refund of 75% of all monies paid less the initial deposit and the price of the cancellation coverage. Things happen - for just $29 this is a no brainer!