Spring Break 2025

Friendly, helpful advice – Call 800-821-2176 / Text 956-299-3746
Friendly, helpful advice Call 800-821-2176 / Text 956-299-3746

Spring Break 2025

Friendly, helpful advice – Call 800-821-2176 / Text 956-299-3746
Inertia Tours offers many valuable option trip inclusions. This page also describes possible fees incurred with your reservation

South Padre Island

These optional inclusions are available only for those with accommodations. We do sell independently our Red Carpet VIP Party Package as well as the Party Yacht Booze Cruise. These can be booked without accommodations by Calling 800.821.2176 / Email: info@inertiatours.com
Optional Trip Inclusions:

Red Carpet VIP Party Package - $120 value - $0.00

Includes 4 night main event parties + cover charges, the headliner concert ticket, (1) daytime pool party + access to other day time exclusive events.

Party Yacht Cruise - $40.00

Go bayside on our infamous Booze Cruize aboard 1 of 3 different party boats on this BYOB cruise. Mixers, Ice, & Cups provided. Music, wild contests, & dancing. Includes Mardi Gras after party

Dine Out Meal Plan - $60 value - $0.00

Includes 6 meals (3 night trips) 8 meals (4 night trips) or 10 meals (5 night trips) at various restaurants on Island. $2 in cash tip/tax per meal not included. Meals are basic.

Trip Protection Coverage - $50.00

This valuable coverage allows you to cancel for ANY reason up to 31 days prior to your arrival. You will receive a refund of 75% of your trip monies paid less the coverage fee & your initial $40 deposit giving you back majority of money paid.
WARNING: without this coverage 100% of all deposits & payments are non refundable for any reason! Things can happen – it is well worth the money.
If you elect to remove this Coverage Plan we cannot add it later.

Finance Fee - $35.00

If you elect to do the $40 down payment deposit and then equal monthly installment payments a $35 will be added to your trip total. You can avoid this fee by paying in full at time of initial deposit and booking

Property Assurance - $50.00

With Inertia’s South Padre Spring Break program, you select a property category & we place you within that category of properties. Property Assurance guarantees your group a specific property – you choose instead of our Company
Optional Party Packages :

Possible Fees:

As with any vacation, there are some fees involved we disclose prior to booking, as well as at the time of booking.

Finance Fee : $35.00

Our trip prices listed have a pay in full discount of $35. If you choose to book with just the $40 down payment deposit & then do monthly payments, you will have added to your total trip price due a finance fee of $35. To avoid this fee, simply pay in full at time of booking with a major credit card and we remove this fee after booking

Late Fee : $30.00

We have a (7) day “no fee” grace period on all payments. After the grace period, there is a $30 late fee that is assessed

Name Change Fee : $40.00

For land only packages, there is a $40 name change fee to take over someone else’s booking and payments. This is allowed up to 31 days prior to arrival date. Within 31 days, name changes may not be possible & may incur additional charges.
if you have questions about the optional spring break trip inclusions or fees with our vacation packages, please reach out to us by Calling toll free 800.821.2176 or Emailing: info@inertiatours.com

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Cancellation Coverage - if you elect to cancel your trip up to 31 days prior to arrival, you will be giving a refund of 75% of all monies paid less the initial deposit and the price of the cancellation coverage. Things happen - for just $29 this is a no brainer!