Only with Inertia Tours will you find our standard beach packages include 2 dine out restaurant meals per person per day. Having food included makes budgeting MUCH easier for you and your friends. While it’s slightly inconvenient having to leave your property – there is the big advantage of having a lot more fun eating out (and yeah, it tastes better than hotel food). Our meals don’t include a $2 tip/tax due at the time of service.


7:30 am – 10:30 am

Pier 19 is a cool restaurant built over the Laguna Madre bay on top of a pier within the KOA Campground. Caddy corner across the 4 lane Padre Blvd to our Ultimate Beach Condos properties. This restaurant includes scrambled eggs, 1 pancake, sausage patty, bacon, and one of their famous grilled southern biscuits. $2 tip/tax not included per meal. Add just $1 for fresh juice or coffee. South Padre’s largest Bloody Mary on special with your Inertia wristband.


11 am to 1 pm

Kohnami is located in the 410 plaza and is the best Japanese & Asian restaurant on South Padre Island. Your lunch will include Grilled Teriyaki Chicken, fresh green ginger side salad, 1 fried crab wonton, and Fried Rice. $2 tip/tax not included per meal. Sushi specials with your Inertia wristband anytime.


11 am to 1 pm

The Garden Grill is located within the award winning Hilton Garden Inn Hotel. Choose from a cheese burger & chips, hot dogs & chips, or Enchiladas. $2 tip/tax not included per meal. $10 yard drink specials with your Inertia Wristband or $2 canned beers.


11 am to 1 pm

Kelly’s Irish Pub South Padre is well known with locals for some of the best bar food on not just the Island, but the State. Choices include a buffalo chicken sandwich & fries, buffalo chicken salad, or burger & pub fries. $2 tip/tax not included per meal. Over 20 beers on tap + daily drink special show your Inertia wristband any time.


4 pm to 6 pm

PadreRitaGrill is owned by Country Music star J. Michael Laferty a local music legend on South Padre. This meal they serve up on their fun patio as a burrito bowl. $2 tip/tax not included per meal. Show your inertia wristband & enjoy a discount on their famous Smokin’ Margarita chilled to freezing point + 20 ounces.


11 am to 1 pm

Formerly the Big Donkey now Senor Donkey, serving the best Mexican on South Padre. This cool themed restaurant features a cheese enchilada plate with chips & fresh Pico de Gallo. S2 tip/tax not included per meal. Well known for the most complete selection of bottled Mexican beers…Apúrate carajo!!!


11 am to 1 pm

Daddy’s Seafood Kitchen is a local’s favorite seafood dive restaurant and a student favorite. Choose from Jambalaya with shrimp, a grilled chicken sandwich, or burger & fries. $2 tip/tax not included per meal. Bar opens to restaurant and gets rowdy during meals. Great place to try out the spring break meal plan for dinner earlier in week as voted the #1 fried shrimp basket in the State of Texas


4 pm to 6 pm

The Garden Grille is located at our Spring Break Headquarters Hotel the Hilton on the beach. Fun bar goes off during meals with drink specials located adjacent to Clayton’s Spring Break Beach Stage area by Red Bull. Why three meals on Friday you ask? Easy…students tend to be low on cash the last day of their week long trip. Choose from a cheese burger & chips, hot dogs & chips, or Enchiladas. $2 tip/tax not included per meal.

This food is included in every single Inertia package. We’ve found that it truly improves the quality of our packages. Are these filet mignon with wine meals – uh…no. Can you eat anywhere you want & order anything you want? Nope. The menus, restaurants, and times are all pre-set. That’s how it’s complimentary.

These are simple meals that will satisfy most appetites with the heat and drinking involved with spring break. Will you need to bring any more money for food? Yes you will. They are not all you can eat and there is a slight cost on this at $2 per person per meal to cover the tax – and for you clowns that don’t tip we do it for you. Please note – we don’t include any meals on Saturdays as that’s mainly an arrivals/check out day. Sunday arrivals do not include lunch at Kohnami as check in day.

Remember, you aren’t forced to eat on our Meal Plan. You can use your condo’s kitchen. You can bring Ramen…whatever, but why? We don’t serve crap food.

We use restaurants our Company President Chad Hart & our onsite staff eat at as regulars all year long. Since South Padre doesn’t offer a truly all-inclusive package option, Inertia’s Meal Plan is closest, best thing to it.

Remember, you may think you won’t need included meals, but as the trip progresses and your spring break budget depletes, this included food becomes CLUTCH.

*$2 tax/tip per person not included & due at time of service in cash.